Apr 7: Realm of Racket has been selected as a notable book in computing in 2013 by Computing Review! See the full list.

Jun 18: Use promo code RACKETEERS at NoStarch until June 20th to get 40% off

Jun 18: Print books will ship June 21st!

Jun 14: Books are back from the printer!

May 21: Finishing up last details with NoStarch. Book slated for July 2013 release!

Mar 24: View a sample chapter from our book!

Mar 5: Release of the fourth video (Syntax)!

Feb 7: Release of the third video (Stay Theoretical)!

Jan 29: Find us on Amazon and pre-order your copy today!

Dec 19: The book is done. We finished it in a 14+ hour marathon editing session on Tuesday.

Dec 17: Release of the second video (Stay Functional). Last meeting with edits on Tuesday!

Dec 11: First meeting to incorporate the notes we received from the copy editor.

Nov 5: The draft went to the copy editor. The first video (Hello World) is out. Come back soon for more!